Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Who loves to read a good story? 

The kind that lets you escape into someone else’s world even if just for a little bit.

For the parents out there, what about sharing favorite stories with your kids?

Books have always been a very important part of life for our family.  I fondly remember having “book parties” with all three of my kids. 

We would grab a stack of books, find the most comfortable location and off we went. 

Unfortunately there are other stories that are not so enjoyable.  Those are the stories that we tell ourselves.

We are not good enough, pretty enough or smart enough.  I know that there are so many more but these are just a few that can stop us from living the life we truly desire. 

Society does not make it easy for us.  Between what’s on TV, magazine covers and social media, it’s easy to feel that you are not good enough, pretty enough or smart enough.

It doesn’t take long to get into a state of “compare and despair.”

Trust me, I have found myself there many times and it doesn’t feel good!

Unless you plan on living the life of a hermit, you will need to find ways to accept yourself where you are and not comparing yourself to what you see around you. 

Some might call it living from the inside out.   Tapping into what brings you fulfillment in your life and letting the outside influences gradually start to fade away.

It’s almost as if you are beginning to rewrite the stories that you have previously told yourself.

The only thing keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself about why you can’t have it.

-Anthony Robbins

When I think of my own stories, one that comes to mind is telling myself the things that I can’t do.   Sometimes before even trying!

Examples would be thinking I am not good enough to write my blogs, figuring out all the technology that comes along with having my own business and trying something that I have never tried before.

It’s just easier stopping before getting started sometimes.

But I know that’s not how I want to live my life!

When I start to tell myself this story, I remind myself what I saw when I was working out several weeks ago. 

I was going about completing my workout when I saw a wheelchair beside one of the machines.   Although this is not a common occurrence, I did not give it much thought.

That was not until I saw someone struggling to get from the machine to the wheelchair.  Not only that, he took the effort to wheel over to grab a cloth to wipe off the machine that he just finished using.  Many able-bodied gym members don’t take the time to do that!

My guess is that he is not telling himself the story that he is unable to workout with  a wheelchair being part of his everyday life.

I did not take the time to let him know how he inspired me but wish that I did.

So my question for you is where do you tell the stories in your life that hold you back from living a life you love?

We all have them and awareness is the first step in turning them around.

I would love to hear from you so feel free to comment below.  Should you have any questions or want to connect, you can reach me at

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