How One Simple Word Can Change Your Life

Here we are two weeks into the new year.  Have you had the chance to reflect on positive aspects of the past year? 

If so, you may have been surprised when you had the realization that there were more positive things on the highlight reel than you would have thought.  I know it’s easy to focus on what’s not working so that’s why it’s good to look for the positive to gain a new perspective. 

Having a fresh perspective can expand your life is so many ways.  It has you looking at things differently than you have looked at them before.  “Seeing” things clearly for the first time can be very eye opening. 

One new perspective that can be life changing is making the decision to say yes to yourself. 

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Create An Amazing 2016

Happy New Year!!  I love the beginning of a new year. It’s filled with so much possibility and excitement. Every day can be a fresh start but moving into a new year is something magical.

It’s a good time to reflect on the past year. Most likely your year was filled with ups and down (that’s life, right?) but what about focusing on all of the positive things that happened over the past year. Taking time to reflect can be a very eye opening experience.

What are your thoughts as you start a new year? Do you set goals and intentions for the year ahead? Maybe you think now’s the time to get organized once and for all, the chance to learn how to take time for yourself or the opportunity to bring more meaning to your life?

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