Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

When a reader recently reached out to me on adding positive self-talk into her day, I knew I wanted to write a blog post about this juicy subject.

Negative self-talk can be as easy as breathing where as positive self-talk can take more effort, but the payoff can be immeasurable. 

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Ready For More Freedom In Your Life?

Remember when you were young and most decisions in your life were made for you?

Someone in your life decided what you would wear, where you would go to school and possibly who some of your early friends were. 

Yep, I remember the oh so itchy polyester dress that my mother made just for me! 

So here you are now smack in the middle of adulthood, and you have the freedom to make all of these decisions for yourself. 

Exciting and possibly overwhelming at the same time, right?

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