Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

When a reader recently reached out to me on adding positive self-talk into her day, I knew I wanted to write a blog post about this juicy subject.

Negative self-talk can be as easy as breathing where as positive self-talk can take more effort, but the payoff can be immeasurable. 

Just think about what an average day looks like for you. 

What thought do you have after you just wake up and take a look into the mirror? Do you admire your beautiful smile or wonder what happened to you during the night while you were sleeping?  

If you’re like most people, it’s not your beautiful smile that you’re focusing on.

Throughout our lives, we create stories based on all of our experiences, what we believe we should be, and what expectations are placed on us by society. 

Your stories could be anything from thinking you are not enough (not pretty enough, not smart enough, not thin enough, etc.) to feeling you need to stifle who you are just to fit in. 

Becoming aware of the negative self-talk is the first step in turning things around. 

As an experiment, observe how many times a day you have negative thoughts about yourself instead of positive ones. This can be a very eye-opening experience!

Now that you have an idea of what goes on in regards to your thoughts, challenge them by asking yourself “What evidence do I have that _____________ is true?”

If you are honest with yourself, you will probably find very little truth in these negative thoughts.

The next step is creating new thought patterns. This may feel like you are lying to yourself at first and that’s okay. Pick a positive thought and repeat it over and over again until it begins to feel like the truth to you.

Your negative thoughts can be so deeply ingrained within you that patience will be the key to making any shifts!

If you’re ready to start adding more positive thoughts into your day, I would love to support you to make that a reality in your life. 

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