The Empty Nest Project

Are you an empty nester, on your way to becoming an empty nester, or know someone who is an empty nester?

If so, I wanted to share an exciting opportunity that I created for you.

I have created a new pilot program called The Empty Nest Project, where I will work with women just like you who are ready to figure out who they are beyond being a mom, and finally get around to doing what they want to be doing.

Does this feel like something you’re ready for?

This pilot program will have many elements to it, but one I’m super excited about is the community that will be created by being in this group. Life transitions can be hard, but coming together as a community lets you know that you are not alone.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Eight-week pilot program
  • Launch party on Zoom (similar to Skype) to introduce yourself to the group, start making connections, and ask any questions about the program
  • One private coaching call per month to work through whatever is coming up for you – this will be 60 minutes where I am 100% focused on you
  • Private Facebook group where you can share your “aha’s”, ask questions, have conversations, and be able to connect 24/7 – those thought provoking questions are always welcome!
  • Weekly Facebook Live trainings where we are going to talk about our identity beyond our role of being a mama, how to add fun and pleasure into each day, embracing this as a time for you, and many other juicy topics
  • Group Zoom calls approximately every two weeks to review the training material taught on Facebook Live, share your experiences, catch up with each other and ask any questions
  • Lots of support from me, and our community of amazing women!

This program costs $498, but for this month I’m offering you the opportunity to experience all of this for $298.

I’m only accepting eight people into this pilot program, so make sure to reach out to me to secure your spot. 

If you or someone you know would like to be part of the pilot program, send an email to putting “I’m an empty nester” in the subject line. Once I hear from you, we can schedule a time to hop on the phone.

I’m excited to get started…are you?

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