The Art of Letting Go

I’m done…

Maybe you are too.

Let me share what happened to see if you can relate.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by lots of clutter in my life. The physical, emotional, and digital clutter is weighing me down. 

I try to let go of the clutter often (I’ve even written about clearing out the emotional clutter before.) But I find that many times it’s just easier to hold onto it. 

Or is it?

With my office becoming the catch-all for all the misfits of my life (much of what I don’t even need), I was determined to start the task of taking back my space. 

Okay, in the scheme of things, this could rank low on the “clutter scale”, but I work best having a sense of order around me. 

First decision to be made was should I FINALLY let go of the two medical books that I’ve been holding onto for way too long.

When I think about how many times I’ve considered letting them go but decided to hold onto them anyway, it makes me a little crazy. Why do I hold onto them?! Maybe it’s the money I spent on them or maybe wondering what will happen if I don’t have them and suddenly need them. 

It’s as if I was unaware of the internet! 

If anyone else shared with me that they were doing the same thing, I would remind them that they only have so much time and energy to use each day. Is this how they want to use it? 

Think about it this way…

Each day you wake up with a full tank of what I’m going to call “cognitive fuel.” You have so many decisions to make each and every day. It starts with deciding whether or not to hit the snooze alarm, what to wear, how to nourish your body, etc. 

Every decision made during the day takes from your cognitive fuel. At the end of the day, you are spent and the last thing you want to do is make another decision. 

So each time I used some of my cognitive fuel deciding whether this time was the right time to let go of the books, I was wasting my energy for that day and preventing myself from doing the things I WANT to do. 

As you can probably guess, the books have been pulled and will be on their way to a new home. Yay me!

All of this has me thinking about how I want to live an “almost” clutter free life. I can already feel the ease in my body knowing that I’m not dealing with the invisible weight all that clutter can bring. Ahh…

To help me (and you) let go of our clutter, I reached out to my friend Anne Keller for some tips around how she maintains a clutter free life. When she told me that she knows where everything is in her house, I knew she was my go to person. Who knew that was possible?!?

She told me that from a very young age she found herself organizing and simplifying her space “whenever life on the outside became too busy and confusing.”

She found happiness with the mental control she couldn’t always find with friends and family–a real source of freedom and a way to cope. 

As she grew up, she created new spaces in her house where things were uncluttered and in proportion. She drew on her love for art, math, and design to create fun and inviting spaces others could enjoy too.

Her final words wrap up this whole idea of clearing the clutter perfectly: 

“Life is complex and difficult enough on a good day, why should we spend more time rummaging through ‘stuff’ that is really slowing us down from enjoying a chat with a friend, reading a book, playing a game with child, or going on a walk with a significant other. Take the time upfront, to save time in the long run!”

Well said! Making a small investment of time now will save you in the long run and provide you with the time to do those things you love the most.

Is there a place in your life where you could use some de-cluttering? I’d love to hear about it.

Should you have any questions or want to connect, you can reach me at

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