Just. Be. You.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’m all about supporting you to create a better life for yourself. One of the ways I hope to support you is through sharing “my story” so you can see you’re not alone.  

I have no doubt you’ve gone through the ups and downs of life feeling like you’re the “only one” going through that particular experience. We all have, and it can be a lonely place. You may be wishing for someone who would “get you” and what you’re going through.  

I’ve been there – deep in the trenches of whatever was coming up for me at the time. That lonely place is amplified if we are hiding it from others.

Showing up as yourself has been a focus of my coaching work lately.  I’ve connected with many people who share how hard it can be to show their “true self” (the one that comes out when you close the door at the end of the day). You know you want to be authentic to yourself, but feel challenged to be seen with quirks and all, and let someone in.  

You may be thinking “what will people think if they see the real me?” or “what if people don’t like me?” You can’t control how others react, but you get to choose how you show up in the world. You can bravely open that door.

I’m currently being challenged by “putting myself out there” on social media. With as much as I enjoy watching Instagram stories, I’m thinking of jumping on the bandwagon. But then the negative voice within has me questioning if anyone would find what I share interesting. Fear pops up just like that. BAM!!

That’s when I go into “coach mode” and coach myself. I ask myself “If I could not fail, what would I do?”. In this case, I would create the Instagram stories and give myself permission to show up as myself.

When I look at the big picture, I feel accomplished if I have been able to support just ONE person in creating a better life for themselves. I know I’m not for everyone (who is!), but what matters most is getting out there, sharing my message, and allowing my life to unfold. That lonely place is kept at bay.

Where do you find yourself getting in your own way of showing the world who you are?

As always, should you have any questions or want to connect, you can reach me at hello@anneeppley.com.

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