You Are More Than What Gets Done

Did you get your “to do” list done today? How do you feel? Who are we without productivity being the metric of our self-worth?

I’ve had many conversations with people who want their self-worth be defined by more than what gets done. But when we live in the world of “crazy busy,” it’s hard to find the space for that to happen.

The truth is that the “to-do” list is never ending.  

When we define our self-worth by what gets done, we set ourselves up for failure because that list is always growing. It can lead to shame, which is damaging to our soul. We may know that we are so much more than what gets done, but our thoughts and actions don’t back it up.

When I still had all three kids in the house, I would wake up on the weekend and quickly get to work. I wouldn’t even take time to hydrate or nourish my body. Not me, I had things to do.

Even when my body was begging for attention, I would not listen. At least, not until I began to feel weak from lack of nourishment and expending too much energy.  

Looking back, I can see how my role as an “at-home mom” had me seeking validation through crossing things off my list. My perception of my productivity was my measure of self-worth.

Things have changed for the better, but I still catch myself falling into old patterns from time to time. Habit change is not easy.

When we are so focused on getting things done, it’s easy to numb ourselves from the richness of life. Our “crazy busy” can keep us from connecting with what matters most to us.

Not sure how to go from “crazy busy” to creating a calm inner state of being? Check back next week for when I share a tool that has made an impact in my life.  

But for now, I’m curious to know if you find a link between your productivity and your self-worth.

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