What Zone Are You In?

Did you have a chance to check out last week’s blog?

In that blog, I shared how your self-worth is so much more than what gets done. With the “to-do” list always growing like grass on a summer day, there’s a non-stop onslaught of things to do.  

We may not get it all done (and that’s okay), but what about getting your things done in a different way?  

My mentor George Kao says “Your state of being is the most important thing.” This realization can become a game changer when you are “believing” that getting things done is the most important thing (like most people do).  

I’m not suggesting pushing aside the things needing to be done, but I am suggesting that there is more than one way to go about doing them.  

How do you feel right now at the thought of what’s on your “to-do” list? Does it have you feeling anxious and like you need to climb a mountain to get to the other side?  

If it does, I know because I’ve been there. We all have!

So, what about trying something that seems so simple, but can be life changing.  

Think about your state of mind as a traffic light. The different colors correlate with what’s going on in your life. Do you feel peaceful and happy (Green Zone), exhausted and negative (Red Zone), or somewhere in-between (Yellow Zone)?

Let’s assume that you wake up after a restorative night of sleep and you’re excited for the day ahead. Sounds good, right? As you head to the kitchen to nourish your body, you hear the kids fighting, discovered you were out of milk, and realized that you overbooked your calendar. Yikes!

What started out with you being in the green zone, quickly escalated to the red zone. You didn’t even have time to hangout in the yellow zone (aka the warning sign).

We all face our own “red zone” situations everyday. Maybe they leave you questioning “what just happened?”

Staying in the green zone may be different for you than me. When I remember (I’m working on it!), you can find me taking time to do some slow breathing, spend time in nature, and keeping my body nourished.

Like many things in life, it takes practice to do things to keep you in the green zone.  

The key is being aware of your own inner thinking. Being proactive when you can, but recognizing the yellow when it is happening and using that understanding to consciously control your response.

What can you do today to keep you in the green zone? Let me know in the comments below.

As always, should you have any questions or want to connect, you can reach me at hello@anneeppley.com.

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