Let’s Get Real

Many of my conversations lately have revolved around the desire to have more meaningful conversations. People are tired of the lack of “realness,” hearing “I’m fine” way too often, and conversations that never go below the surface.

Do you also find yourself wanting to connect with a friend and share what’s in our hearts and on our minds?

Creating meaningful conversation is not always an easy thing to do. It requires showing up as yourself, being vulnerable, and letting go of expectations as to how the conversation “should” go.

It’s getting real about what’s going on in your life–all parts of your life, including the parts that you would rather keep buried to never be seen.

While you may feel safe keeping things tucked away, growth happens when we open ourselves up to being vulnerable with others. And to be vulnerable, you will need to be willing to share “your story,” aka what makes YOU who you are.

We all have a story to share. In the past, I often felt that I did not have a story worth sharing. My life was pretty uneventful and not full of drama for the most part, at least to my eyes. Did I have anything of value to share? Now, I can see that just the simple act of living day to day is part of my story.

Do you desire meaningful conversation in your life? Are you wanting to share parts of yourself with a trusted person?

When I work with clients, I come to each call wanting to hear their story with no judgment. I create a safe space where they can share “their story” and make sense of how it plays out in their lives.

Can’t we all use someone in our lives who will dig into our questions with us, share our moments of insight or doubt, and just listen deeply without judgment?

Do you find yourself desiring meaningful conversation in your life? Go ahead and let me know in the comments below.

As always, should you have any questions or want to connect, you can reach me at hello@anneeppley.com.

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