Ready, Set, Take Time for SELF-CARE

Are you feeling it? That buzzing in the air?

Look around you. The holidays are in full swing…regardless of what you celebrate.

Do you feel like diving under the covers and staying there until the holidays (and all the stress that come with them) are long behind you? Shopping, cleaning, decorating, baking, hosting, etc., etc.–I’m exhausted just typing those words.

Our lives may never resemble a Hallmark Channel holiday movie (yep, they’re so addicting), but you can create a sense of calm in a season that is anything but.

That something is self-care.

Okay, I hear you when you’re thinking you barely have time to get all the “shoulds” done. You barely have enough time for your to do list. How will you ever find time for self-care?

I challenge you to look at self-care beyond how you may have in the past. Self-care is a hot topic right now.You may be thinking you need to find the time to get a massage, schedule a girls weekend, or spend time meditating when the thought of the planning and time that would require makes you feel anything but calm.

What if you look at it differently, and go inward and ask yourself what you need at this very moment? Maybe it’s as simple as a glass of water, catching up with a friend on the phone or over coffee, or taking in the beauty that is all around you on a quiet walk.

If you’re still thinking you don’t have time, what are you willing to give up in your day to make the time? Time on social media? Time doing things you really don’t need to do?

It’s been said that we have time to do what’s most important to us. Do you find scrolling through everyone’s “what they want you to see” adds meaning to your life, or would you be better off spending that time nourishing your mind, body, and spirit? We need to make taking care of ourselves more important.

I’m already starting to feel the buzz of the holidays so I know this message is a good reminder for me too. In other words, I strive to practice the support I provide to others. We all need the reminder.

What can you do to add self-care into your life that doesn’t feel like one more thing added to your list? Our lists are already long enough. What ideas bubble up for you? Go ahead and let me know in the comments below.

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