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Have you ever thought that your greatest education is not from your structured schooling, but from all the lessons you’ve learned throughout your lifetime?

Albert Einstein was so accurate when he said, “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”

Just the act of living is one of our greatest teachers – if we’re open to it.

Recently, I experienced just such a learning through living in the present moment.

We all know our physical and mental well-being is more important that our day-to-day productivity. We may know this in our hearts, but our actions aren’t always in line with this thinking.

As usual, I was living in the world of “let’s get ‘er done.” Don’t get me wrong, we all have things we need to get done, but at what cost? Too often, we charge from “to do” task to “to do” task without a pause.

Let me share how this played out for me. During a recent sleepless night, I was thinking about the connection between well-being and productivity.

Luckily those thoughts were with me when I awoke, and I went through my day acting “as if” my well-being is more important that my productivity. For some of us, that change in thinking can be a struggle. It felt like work, but I wanted to remember that I was “trying this on.” The ego does not like change, so I know to take it slow.

As I worked my way through the day, I noticed my body having more ease (and I got lots done, too!). Could I be onto something?

With one day down of my new way of “being”, I was ready to try it again the next day. Since I was already out and it was close to lunch, I took myself to one of my favorite places.

I opted to listen to another podcast from The Adult Chair (I really am obsessed in a good way) while enjoying my lunch. I finished my lunch with 20 minutes left of the podcast.

The “old me” would have left knowing that I could always listen to it later…it’s not like it was going anywhere. But the “new me” decided to move my things to a more comfortable spot and take in the end of the podcast.

The best part is that I had no judgment about doing this. In the past, I would have thought I was wasting time since I wasn’t being productive. I was being very mindful about what I was doing, and fully engaged in the experience.

Back at the house, I ended up checking things off my to do list that had been there for some time. Once again, I was feeling a sense of ease in my body and was amazed that this way of “being” was helping me to get things done.

Our minds look for evidence as proof of success, and this new approach was showing me that going about life this way with a focus on my personal well-being was indeed working.

That said, I know that creating new habits doesn’t happen over the course of a few days. Oh, if it could only be so easy.

Are you focused on your well-being, or are you more about getting things done? Are you willing to consider that focusing on your well-being can lead to better, more fulfilling productivity?

Could you use support around creating a new habit (with ease, of course)? If so, I would love to support you. Drop me a note at hello@anneeppley.com so that we can find a time to connect.

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