Making Space For Spirituality

Something has been bubbling up inside of me for sometime, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, or maybe I was denying that part of myself (at least when it comes to sharing with you).

Over the last few years, spirituality has become a very important part of my life. It lights me up in ways I never knew it could.

But it’s not always been that way. Not too long ago just the mention of spirituality would have me feeling uncomfortable, uneasy, out of my element.

Now, I can see how I was equating spirituality with organized religion which I find does not resonate with me. I could feel the pull toward something else, and worried that there was something wrong with me not going the “traditional path” of many around me.

Little did I know what was ahead for me. Once I embraced my spirituality, my life has changed in many ways…although I have times of not living in my “zen zone,” today I find myself feeling more peaceful and grounded.

My coaching work has helped me see what I keeping below the surface.

In the coaching world, coaches strive to find their niche – or the people we want to serve. Find the people we can best connect to and support.

Up until this point, my areas of focus were helping clients bust through their stories, reduce self-judgment, add in self-compassion, etc. Those can greatly add to someone’s quality of life, but I knew there was a component I was missing.

That’s where the spiritual piece comes into play.

You may be wondering what is spirituality. What do I mean when I use the word? Spirituality is being connected with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material things/physical things.

It’s knowing who you are which adds more meaning to your life.

You begin to look beyond the surface and trust the process of how things unfold.

Up until now, I’ve spoken about the importance of meditation, the power of adding gratitude to your life, and how working with intention can change your life.

Now I’m ready to go deeper with you on what it truly means to live a spiritual life. Are you ready for that journey?

Living a spiritual life is a process of self-discovery. Getting to know yourself can be a very vulnerable process. There may be areas of your life that you would prefer not to explore, but then you’re missing connecting to the whole of your life which can be a beautiful thing.

Do you feel called to step into the spiritual side of your life? Could use someone to support you along the way? Are you wondering what that would look like? If so, I would like to walk along on that path with you. Whether you are ready to jump in with both feet or just want a little conversation because you’re not exactly sure, go ahead and send me an email at

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