The Wisdom of Bernie

Before my mom’s passing, I made many visits to her assisted living facility. You can learn a lot from those who have lived for many years, and one specific resident made an impact on me.

Let me introduce you to Bernie. Although our conversations were not much more than “hello” and commenting on the weather, there was something that drew me to him.

He had a warmth about him, and I never saw him without a smile…especially when his great-granddaughter came to visit.

The day that made the greatest impact on me was Bernie’s birthday. When walking down the hallway as Bernie was heading back to him room, I wished him a happy birthday. He smiled (of course!) and said, “It is what we make it, and what we accept.”

While I consider myself to be a very positive person, something that day made me want to be more like Bernie.

I could sense his gratitude to be alive and his desire to live life to its fullest. How many days do you wake up feeling that way?

Do you find your first thoughts are more along the line of not getting enough sleep, feeling overwhelmed by what needs to be done in the day, etc.? Perhaps your thoughts throughout the day weigh you down with negativity? Feels heavy, right??

Going back to Bernie’s wisdom, how many times do you wish things were different? You feel that if “things” were just different, your life would be so much better.

We all have our own struggles. My struggles will not be the same as yours. However, I do know that we get to choose what we make of it.

We all do.

In Bernie’s wisdom, he appreciates each day and accepts it with gratitude. He approaches each day with a purposeful decision to love it and be thankful for what it truly is–a gift.

How exactly can we CHOOSE to live our lives differently? To live with gratitude for each day we get? Go ahead and send me an email if you’d like to dig a bit deeper or you have a question for me.


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