The Truth Is Perfectionism Sucks

On my most recent video chat with my business mastermind group, I was reminded of something I write about but don’t always remember to follow.

But let me take a step back, and let you know a little about why this group is so important to me. As I’m getting ready to wrap up my second year with MasterHeart, I feel much gratitude for the members. I’ve been able to learn from all of them. We all bring something to the group, which makes it a great place to go for support (and fun!).

Back to the call…

Each week we are given the chance to share our celebrations and learnings. It feels good to celebrate our “wins” and be inspired by our learnings.

When I thought about what I wanted to share, my first thought was how I write about the importance of showing up as yourself. Sometimes though I place expectations on myself to be someone other than who I am.

Let me give you an example. I’ve been coached by multiple coaches, and I’ve always appreciated when they show up as themselves.

They had a restless night of sleep and can barely put their thoughts together, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is they are there to support me, regardless of their state of being. They’re not trying to come off as all put together when that isn’t reality. They are who they are at that moment.

I appreciate the “realness” of them.

So, the question I’m asking myself is why would I expect more of myself than others. Can I be okay with letting my imperfectly perfect self show up in the world?

Just writing this is a good reminder that one of the greatest gifts I can give this world is being myself.

And YOU too!!

What about you? Do you find yourself wanting to show the world that you have it all together, but in reality, you don’t? Are you open to share the messy parts of your life? After all, there can be magic in the messiness. 🙂

It can be super scary! Showing our flaws to the world is probably not how we were brought up. If you need to talk through breaking those expectations, I’m here for you. Accepting our imperfectly perfect selves and sharing our flaws and all with those around us is challenging. Reach out to me to talk through it.

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