Moving Beyond Stuckness (Part Three)

Did you have a chance to read Moving Beyond Stuckness (Part Two)? In that blog, I shared how the stories we tell ourselves and our limiting beliefs hold us back from living our lives fully.

Stories are false narratives based on our experiences and how we see the world. Many times they feel so true to us we don’t even realize we’re in the middle of them.

Limiting beliefs are something we believe to be true that holds us back. You may have taken them on at any point in your life. They may even be someone else’s limiting belief that you’ve taken on as being true.

Digging into the stories you tell yourself and the ways you limit yourself is not easy work, but it will bring you more freedom in your life.

Let’s move onto what’s within all of us, but so easily ignored…our intuition.

Maybe you’ve heard it called your internal compass or whispers of the soul.

Your intuition is an inner “knowing” that cannot be explained by fact or thought. It’s a deep inner feeling or sense we have that has also been called a “gut response.”

An example would be when something doesn’t feel right in your body. You can’t explain it logically, but you just know something is wrong.

Although intuition can help us in many ways, we’re often so caught up in all the noise around us we’re not able to hear its whispers.

It’s hard to hear our intuition when we’re always on our devices, tapped into the events of the world, and believing our lives will fall apart if we take the time to slow down.

Trust me, the world will still keep turning on its axis if you slow down.

Here’s a few ways to tap into your intuition:

  • Practice mindfulness – Focus on being in the moment to filter out the distractions of your life.
  • Slowing down – This gives your intuition space to be heard.
  • Be honest with yourself – You may hear the whispers of your intuition but choose to push them away out of fear.
  • Step away from the situation – When you’re needing to make a decision, it can help to step away to find some breathing space. Go for a walk, meditate, or go have fun. The intuition loves to speak when you’re having fun.

Have you felt your intuition talking to you?

Your intuition is there to support and guide you in your life, even though it may not feel like it at times when the surrounding noise is too deafening.

Take a breath and pause. Are you ready to listen? If you find yourself struggling to hear your inner voice or are questioning whether you can really trust what it is saying, let’s connect. We can talk through it.

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