Moving Beyond Stuckness (Part Five)

Did you get the chance to read Moving Beyond Stuckness (Part Four)? In the blog I share one of my favorite things to talk about…GRATITUDE. When you’re feeling stuck in your life, this is one thing that can help you move beyond the stuckness.

This blog circles back to the first blog in the series. In that blog, I shared how many clients come to me wanting more, but have no idea what that means to them. They struggle with grasping what that “more” is. I help them to gain clarity around what matters most to them in their lives.

When we’re in the whirlwind of life, it’s hard to connect with our desires, and I don’t mean superficial desires like acquiring the latest must-have gadget. We go much deeper than that! 😉

Once you have clarity about what your “more” looks like, we then look at what stories and limiting beliefs are holding you back. It may feel like a cement suitcase being pulled behind you. In my second “stuckness” blog, I showed you how you can start to loosen its grip.

Next up was learning how to connect with our intuition (our internal GPS). Our intuition is there for us speaking softly in the background, but all the noise makes it hard to hear. We need to slow down and listen–trusting our intuition to guide us.

In our battle with “stuckness,” our inner critic wages a battle on our ideas of self worth.

Just when you start feeling hopeful about moving forward in your life because you’ve developed some clarity about your desires, your inner critic starts doing its best to keep you stuck.

The inner critic might be saying:

  • Shouldn’t I be okay with what I already have?
  • Do I really deserve to have it?
  • Who do I think I am to want ________?

When the inner critic is running the show, it’s easy to want to give up. The inner critic can have you questioning your self-worth in no time.

While there are many layers to digging into our self-worth (or lack of), here are a few things you can do to keep moving in the right direction:

  • Keep a running list of things you appreciate about yourself.
  • Practice saying kind things to yourself.
  • Ask family and friends to share what they appreciate about you.
  • Do something that makes you feel good like helping others or mastering a new skill.

You’re on a journey that will have many ups and downs. You’ll have days when you’re ready to be done (reach out to me on those days), and other days you may be thinking “game on.” (I’d love to hear about those days too!)

Regardless of what kind of day it is for you when you read this blog, remember to take time to enjoy the ride! 🙂

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