Moving Beyond Stuckness (Part Six)

Here we are on the last part of my Moving Beyond Stuckness series of blog posts. This six-week journey has been filled with gaining clarity around your “more”, digging into what’s getting in your way, having gratitude about what’s working for you in your life, listening to your intuition, and learning how to quiet your inner critic.

Go ahead and give yourself a high five for being willing to go on this journey to move you toward more freedom.

One critical component in this journey toward more freedom is mustering up the courage to step more fully into your life. Merely understanding each of the prior five parts of this series is only part of it. You have to have the courage to take that knowledge and turn it into action.

Brene Brown in “The Gifts of Imperfection” wrote:

“The root of the word courage is cor – the Latin word for “of the heart.” In one of its earliest forms, the word courage meant “To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.” Today we think of courage as being associated with heroic and brave acts.”

Just imagine living your life through your heart. Most of us go through this life living so much in our heads. We become trapped by our thoughts. We’re so disconnected from our body’s wisdom.

It takes courage to live from the heart. Being vulnerable is not something that comes easy to most people.

Let me share a story with you showing how coming from the head and the heart are two different things.

Many years ago when I was getting my health coach certification, I was on a practice call with a fellow student. As she was coaching me, I was so stuck in my head I couldn’t go forward.

She asked if we could back up, slow down, and try it again. She asked me the same question a few more times to see what came up for me.My mind was a blank slate. I had no response. She then went on to ask me to drop down into my heart.

I had no idea what this meant and was feeling shame thinking I should already know this.

Jump forward to when I was working on my life coach certification. I was on another practice call being coached by another student. I don’t remember what she asked me, but when I was once again stuck in my head, she asked me to put my hand on my heart.

Just this simple act of placing my hand on my heart released me from being stuck in my head and connected me to my body’s wisdom. I answered with ease as I had tears rolling down my cheeks.

Instead of me feeling the shame of not knowing, she opened me up to a whole new world. I will be forever grateful!

Connecting to the wisdom of our body takes practice. It requires us to slow down and create the space for it to happen, but it’s so worth it.

Living a courageous life takes vulnerability. Opening up to being vulnerable is not an easy thing to do, but it can lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Dale Carnegie once advised people to do the thing they fear most as the quickest way to conquer fear.

What are you willing to do to lead a more courageous life? You don’t have to sign up for skydiving (unless you’re feeling inspired to do so), but maybe you’re willing to commit to having a courageous conversation with someone that’s long overdue. (I can be that someone if you need one.)

Be gentle with yourself. Just take the first step to living a more courageous life and stepping into more freedom. Your heart (and in turn you mind) will be grateful.

You’ve got this!!

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