Sanctuary Sessions

I know coaching may not feel like a fit for you just yet with the level of vulnerability required, but I also know you have a strong desire to be heard.

Enter the Sanctuary Session…

Let me set the scene for you - think of your most cozy space with your blanket, warm tea, favorite book in hand and no one needing your attention or you’re out in nature, the sun is out, the birds are singing, a beautiful scent is in the air and you have no cares in the world.

Either way, this is all about YOU.

The Sanctuary Session is all about being heard for whatever is on your mind at the time. It may be the relationship to yourself or others, a sense of feeling lost, your current phase of life or generally what’s going on in your world.  

There is no coaching with the Sanctuary Session. You get to share what feels comfortable which can feel less vulnerable. I will ask clarifying questions to make sure I’m grasping what you’re sharing, but not from a coaching perspective.  

At the end of the session my hope is you’re feeling calmer and have a sense of contentment with feeling heard. You can think of it as a container of LOVE.

Love & Gratitude,

A Note to You...


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Your 60-minute session (by phone or by Zoom) is where you’ll have my undivided attention to share confidentially and be heard intentionally. 

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This time together is for you and centered on what you need. There are no obligations, simply a safe space to share what you need to share and have an attentive, listening ear. While there is no coaching in this type of session, it's deep work. And it's worth it.

$100 / 60-minute session

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“Anne’s coaching is targeted, gentle, and pragmatic all at the same time. She listens with intention and her coaching provides actionable steps that have you feeling much more equipped and empowered than what you felt before you work with her.”

“Anne’s Coaching is Targeted, Gentle, & Pragmatic…”


“Anne asks questions in a way that gets you thinking, is non-judgmental and you honestly feel good working through the process. With each step in our conversation I felt myself moving forwards toward the closure I needed without feeling like I was losing something. In fact, I gained a sense of freedom and that made a huge difference for me!”

"I Gained a Sense of Freedom & that Made a Huge Difference..."


“Anne is exceptionally compassionate and intuitive. She offered both concrete ideas for me to explore, as well as, the permission to take a breath and trust the process.”

"Anne is Exceptionally Compassionate and Intuitive..."


“I was totally blown away by Anne’s ability to cut to the chase! With her knowledge, expertise, passion and enthusiasm Anne so easily provided the perfect setting to create lasting change.”

"I Was Totally Blown Away by Anne's Ability to Cut to the Chase!"


“Anne has such a unique and personal way of making those she coaches feel totally at ease, accepted, cared for and supported. She is a true change agent for helping others transform and uncover thoughts, beliefs, and ways of being that no longer serve them so that who they really are and what they desire can shine.”

"She is a True Change Agent for Helping Others Transform..."