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Stomp It Out

Writing this blog was something that almost didn’t happen.  It took days of going back and forth before making the decision to share.  

Part of me wanted to keep this moment of growth in a sacred container.  Another part knows that sharing my writing helps me to find my voice.  What sealed the deal was remembering my desire to be of support to others on their journey.  

So here we go…

It was another cold winter morning and I had just finished my morning meditation.  Getting ready to hop out of bed to get my day started, I remembered I had a voice memo from my soul sister who lives on the other side of the world.  

Leaving each other voice memos is something I will always treasure.  There’s nothing like waking up to find one that had been delivered into my inbox overnight.  

Listening to her heartfelt words had warm tears streaming down my cheeks as she was sending me so much love and offering support.  

But as I listened to her beautiful words, I could feel resistance start to swell in my body.  I was struggling to receive her kind words…really feel into the love she was sending me.  

Logically I know how loved I am by her.  But part of me was questioning my worthiness of receiving so much love.  

Fortunately, I remembered something I had learned through my latest coaching certification…the process of stomping it out.  This helps to get energy moving through the body.

Just think about a child who crosses their arms and stomps their feet as a way to move emotion through their body.  They don’t even need to think about it with it being more instinctual to them.  

I could feel the emotion building within my body.  I knew I needed to get moving in some way before it was more than I knew what to do with it.

Let me say the process of stomping my feet as I moved around the bedroom was not an easy task.  We are so conditioned to what’s acceptable and what’s not.  This so happened to fall closer to my ‘what’s not’ category.  I believe this was the good girl part of me not wanting to make too much commotion.  

But once I got moving and the words were flowing, I knew to keep going until something shifted within me.  

I kept saying over and over again “I am worthy of love. There’s nothing I need to do.  There’s nobody I need to be. I am worthy of love.”

I was so determined in my words that I didn’t even give self-doubt a chance to say “are you sure?”

As I was stomping throughout my bedroom, I could feel the energy moving through my body.  

My voice became louder and louder until I started to feel more settled.  I looked out the window and in a very playful voice said “You know, I’m worthy of love. There’s nothing I need to do.  There’s nobody I need to be”

with a big smile on my face.  My whole body felt lighter allowing the emotion to flow through it.

And just like that, another layer of my artichoke had been removed.  While most say peeling another layer of an onion, artichokes are much more complex.  Just like an artichoke has a heart, I’m working to connect with my heart.

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