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Do you feel like an imposter?

When I wrote The Midlife Unraveling blog, I had no idea it would receive more responses than any other blog.  

What I didn’t see coming is how quickly I felt like an imposter.  The voices inside were making me question if I knew enough for the blog to be so successful, can I really help people through their own midlife unraveling, and now what do I do?

I gently reminded myself that I’m a good listener, ask great questions, and my clients enjoy working with me.  

The question I have for you is where do you feel like an imposter in your life, and how does this keep you from taking the next step forward?

When things begin to unravel and you’re discovering what you want, the gremlins may begin to show up.  They can look different to everyone.  You may feel the excitement and the presence of the gremlins at the same time.  The voices may become so loud you have no idea how to take the next step.  And that’s okay.  

When the imposter syndrome lands on your doorstep, I encourage you to invite it in and ask what it wants you to know.  We can learn a lot from slowing down and getting to know the various parts of ourselves.  

Just like all humans, our parts want to be witnessed.

I believe one of the greatest gifts I can give this world is to be myself.  

I also believe this includes YOU.  This includes you showing up as the beautiful human you are regardless of what the voices may be telling you.  

Do you have self-doubt? Do you fear putting ‘the real’ you out there?  Do you squash what you desire for your life because it feels too big?  

If you answered yes to any of the questions, know that you are not alone.  We are all living our lives just doing the best we can.  

While the imposter syndrome may never fully go away, what’s one thing you can do today to take the next step forward in life?  

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